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Old 05.11.2012, 20:02   #1
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Bug ShestakUI_Extra: BadTank

ShestakUI version:
4.2.1 (commit: lfdf5aa4128)

ShestakUI_Extra version:
4.18 (commit: 133229cf29)

WoW version:
Live Patch 5.0.5 (16135)

Installed and running addons:
!BaudErrorFrame + ShestakUI + ShestakUI_Extra

Screenshot(if that matters for error):

Lua error code(if that matters for error):
Code [Select]:
...ns\ShestakUI_Extra\Modules\Announcements\BadTank.lua:489: attempt to index field 'extra_general' (a nil value)
Count: 1
How to reproduce error:
Old 05.11.2012, 20:02   #1.5 - Disable Ads

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Old 05.11.2012, 20:41   #2
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In find Announcements\BadTank.lua(~489 line)
lua Code [Select]:
if C.extra_general.archaeology == true then
    b:SetPoint("TOP", SwitchLayout, "BOTTOM", 0, -21)
    b:SetPoint("TOP", SwitchLayout, "BOTTOM", 0, -1)
and change
lua Code [Select]:
b:SetPoint("TOP", SwitchLayout, "BOTTOM", 0, YOUR_Y_COORD)

P.S.: And I will not fixing it in github.
Say Thank:
Oz (05.11.2012)

badtank, bug, shestakui extra

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