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Question Chat Frame & Off-Realm Player Names

Hey guys; I just started using Shestak UI and I'm loving it so far.

Save for one thing. I've noticed in the chat frame, off-realm players have only their username displayed. Their realm has been clipped from their name.

As an example, a player from Tichondrius would normally display as "Muffins-Tichondrius", but in this UI they're only showing up as "Muffins" on the chat frame.

This is all well and good for most, but with the implementation of cross-realm zones, it can really make inviting people into a party a pain if you're doing it from the chat frame (like inviting someone from general chat). I'm constantly being told the player doesn't exist.

Is there any way I can revert this setting back to default? I've looked through the in-game config menu up and down with no luck. It'd be a big quality of life improvement while I'm leveling my alts.
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In ShestakUI\Modules\Chat\ChatFrames.lua(~17 line) delete this:
lua Code [Select]:
text = text:gsub("|Hplayer:(.-)|h%[(.-)%]|h", Strip)
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