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Question Disable Combat Text

Hi guys,

I have selected "use blizzard damage/healing output above player/mob head" and deselected "enable combat text." Upon restart of the game I am getting the <Entering Combat> messages that are default, and it is showing the healing done by my Chimera Shot above my head, but I see no damage numbers whatsoever.

I cannot find any options related to that. I have "show pet damage" "display damage numbers depending on school of magic" "show damage from your dots" enabled but none of them are showing up. How do I get combat text for damage to show up? Everything else is working fine.

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The default(Blizzard) settings are marked with the appropriate options?
It can be disabled.
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Shestak (23.08.2012)
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Yes, they were all enabled - but I restarted my computer, then restarted the game and that seemed to fix it. Not sure what was the problem.

One more question: I disabled the shestak UF and am using a different oUF skin for them. My debuffs now no longer show because they used to show on my unit frames. How do I move them to show somewhere else?

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Originally Posted by eponectarine View Post
How do I move them to show somewhere else?
Player debuffs created by UF layout|function. If your layout do not show player debuffs - Nothing can be done.

P.S.: One question - one topic. Must not be made topic to the trash. Or ask simple questions in the topic-trash.

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