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Old 08.08.2012, 16:00 ▼    #1
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Post ShestakUI_OzEdit

Hi all!

This is my edited version of ShestakUI, feel free to use it if you like it.

Compared to the original ShestakUI, I've added/changed some elements to better fit my personal taste, nothing more than that.

Note: locales added by me are Goooooooooogle translated. Your help for a more accurate translation is welcome!

I'd like to thank Shestak for his patience and his help and for the amazing work on his UI!

A big thank goes out also to all contributors of his project!

WoW Interface.

Check out latest updates on GitHub.

Feedbacks are always appreciated!

Thank you,

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anj (10.09.2012), Erratic (09.04.2013), m2jest1c (19.09.2012), Shestak (08.08.2012)
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Originally Posted by Oz View Post
Originally Posted by Mille View Post
Small question...

Is there a way to have the Tooltip border as per class color? like if I mouse over a DK the outline of the tooltip would be red?

If that makes sense
Think it's possible with a little bit of editing, but at the moment I don't plan to add new features, I'm sorry.
Alright. Thanks
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Old 17.10.2014, 17:19   #32
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Hey Oz,

I was wondering if you would update your edit for the new patch?
Old 20.10.2014, 12:53   #33
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Unfortunately, I have no internet connection at the moment on my PC: I expect to be able to update the UI for the expansion's release.

EDIT: maybe I could do it before, but I do not promise anything.
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Mille (21.10.2014), Shestak (20.10.2014)
Old 23.10.2014, 10:18   #34
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Awesome! Thanks for the reply.

Looking forward to playing in this new patch with your awesome edit
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Oz (23.10.2014)
Old 08.11.2014, 13:31   #35
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Looking forward to the update, I miss this edit so much ;_;
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ShestakUI_OzEdit is discontinued.

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