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Post Cooldowns and Debuff Tracker


Sorry if you've already answered this question. I searched the forums first but the only thread I found that seemed related was in Russian so I couldn't read it.

Anyway, I would like to turn off whatever addons the yellow arrows are pointing at - they're too cluttered and I don't need them. The one in the middle might be default or something else, I'm not sure.. I've seen it before I downloaded this UI.

Great UI/addon pack, by the way, love everything except for this small thing

Posted in 8 minute
Ah, just deleted the Filger folder, apparently that was what it was. Sorry for the topic, but if anyone knows what that middle debuff tracker is, that would be great. Thanks!

Posted in 18 minute
Ugh.. found it, it was quartz! Sorry for this topic, didn't mean to waste anyone's time. I should've done more investigating before I made the topic.
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cooldown tracker debuff

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