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Question Show pvp flag on unitframe

Hi, I tried searching through the forums and through the menu for the UI in game, but how do I go about getting the pvp flag to show up?

Currently I have no way at all to tell if I'm flagged, there is no icon, no message, nothing, anywhere on the screen or the unit frame or the tooltip. I found an option in the menu to enable pvp text on mouse over, and I selected it, it did nothing. I de-selected it, there is still no indication anywhere of my pvp flag.

Do I need to get a separate addon to be able to tell if I'm flagged?
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From Settings.lua:
["icons_pvp"] = false, -- Mouseover pvp text(not icons) on player and target frames
From in-game config:
L_GUI_UF_ICONS_PVP = "Mouseover pvp text(not icons) on player and target frames"

Option on, flag off:

Option on, flag on:

Option on, flag again off:

pvp flag

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