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Question Add more icons for dispellable stuff on the grid

Hey, great addon pack, been using it for a while and very happy with it after a few changes to fonts and positioning.
But i cant find out how to fix one issue.
whenever you can dispell something the grid (healer version) gets a feint blue color to the outline and things like combustion shows up as an icon, but i wanna add the icon for all dispellable CC, seeing as i cant run around dispelling just cause it says i can in arena. Do i have to manually add spell IDs somewhere or is there an easier solution like how it works in the regular grid addon?

And if this is not possible how do i disable all raidframes and add my own?

Best regards
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Add your spells into ShestakUI\Config\Filters\RaidAuraWatch.lua

Otherwise, if you don't want to use the raid frames at all then don't load ShestakUI_DPS and ShestakUI_Heal (I mean the AddOns).
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Shestak (22.03.2012)
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Oh okay, so these packs are just for the raidframes?
always thought it was more complex than that


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