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Question Action Bars and shapeshifting [Feral]

First i d like to congratulate you for your hard work and the awesome result
Now... to the main question.
I do play as feral and i tried to find a way to make the action bars included in your interface pack to work with shapeshifting but i cant make it (i do have some basic knowledge on lua editing). So instead of those ABs* i use Dominos, but i d like to know (if its possible ofcourse) to use your ABs for maximum compatibility.
Thanks in advance, and hope to hear from you soon /Divi

ABs*= Action Bars
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Death Engine
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O_O shapeshift bar is near chat (mouseover)
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seems that i didnt explained that well my bad!
i m not talking on the shapeshifting bar themselves but the stance when you change from normal tauren form to kitty for for example. The main bar remains the same its not changing like e.g the default blizzard ones or other custom ones.
I remember someone had posted a "workaround" with macros at wowinterface before Shestak remove his interface from there but i tried to google it and i didnt managed to find a solution.
So in other words when i change form and becoming a kitty my main bar remains the same showing the normal form spells that are attached to the mainbar and so on :\
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/cast BLA_BLA
/changeactionbar 2
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That worked perfectly Shestak!
Thanks a lot!! hehe.
The only thing i ve noticed is that when i go stealth mode as kitty the bar remains the same like its non stealthed.
I m trying to find a macro for that as well.

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