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Question Raidcooldown and Tranquility


I had searched the forum and tried for myself to implement an query for tranquility after I had added it to the filters for the raidcooldownplugin.

I had tried to implement it with
Code [Select]:
if T.class == "DRUID" then
	local tree = GetPrimaryTalentTree(false,false,GetActiveTalentGroup())
	local name = select(2, GetTalentTabInfo(tree))
	if name == "Restoration" then
		tt = 180
		tt = 480
but it won't work. Anyone have an idea how can I add the correct timer for an restorationspec?
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This code will only work for you, but not for other members of the raid.
To determine the current spec raid member, you need to add a spec scanner.

Look how it's done in the oRA3.

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