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Post Health Frames

I was wondering if anyone could answer just a cpl questions about the health bar colors.

If possible, id like my frames to be mostly transparent. Something like Nin's 5th screenshot here. Or Haleth's frames here. Except I don't want the health deficit to be reaction colored, but class colored instead. I very much do not want to change Ui's, because Shestak is so amazing, with everything I need right out of the box.

By alassra at 2012-02-16

By alassra at 2012-02-16

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Ops, Haleth's here
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There are some other option in ShestakUI, but it looks like:
lua Code [Select]:
if min / max > 0.95 then

Enabled in ShestakUI\Config\Settings.lua(~402 line):
lua Code [Select]:
["alpha_health"] = false,               -- Alpha of healthbars when 100%hp

hb transparency

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