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Post Raid Frames Issue

I don't know how it happened, but they just up and disappeared. Nothing changed on my own computer, so I have my suspicions that something about installing ElvUI on my husband's computer and going through the setup process on my account somehow interfered (maybe to do with changing cvars?)

More specifically, they disappear when Vuhdo is enabled. The default raid frames display properly when I disable Shestak UI. I figured I might have reverted some setting by mistake, so I went and checked to make sure the raid frames were enabled in the addon's settings. They weren't... and they won't enable. Hitting Apply will update any settings except "Show party frames" and "Show raid frames".

Maybe I'm completely blind and missed some exemption if I'm running a separate addon that manages raid frames, but it always worked fine before and I hadn't updated Shestak UI when the problem came up. I hadn't updated or installed anything, as a matter of fact. I even went and cleared my WTF folder.

Ultimately, I was forced to revert to an older version. The last three weren't working, so I just went for 3.3.1 to see if there was any hope of that working. It fixed it, and now I'm too tired of dealing with it to find the most recent version that works. My main concern is that eventually Blizzard will do something that will break my version, requiring an update that will make my raid frames disappear again, and I still don't know what's causing it.
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Originally Posted by notanyone View Post
More specifically, they disappear when Vuhdo is enabled.
If you enabled a third-party addons for raid frames like Grid, Grid2, HealBot, VuhDo, the raid frames ShestakUI automatically disabled. It's logical, why do we need two raid frame)
If you want see frames ShestakUI with Vuhdo:
47 line
lua Code [Select]:
if IsAddOnLoaded("Grid") or IsAddOnLoaded("Grid2") or IsAddOnLoaded("HealBot") or IsAddOnLoaded("VuhDo") or IsAddOnLoaded("oUF_Freebgrid") then
Change to
lua Code [Select]:
if IsAddOnLoaded("Grid") or IsAddOnLoaded("Grid2") or IsAddOnLoaded("HealBot") or IsAddOnLoaded("oUF_Freebgrid") then
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Shestak (08.02.2012)
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Well that was certainly a strange string of coincidences then.

That did appear to be the problem though. It always used to display the raid frames before, that's why I was so confused. And I prefer to have them both displaying because standard raid frames are more reliable. I've had Vuhdo get messed up during pulls in the past and having a second set of raid frames to fall back on has prevented some unfortunate deaths.

Thanks for the help!

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