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Question Nameplates own Debuffs

Hi i wanna thank you for your awesome UI, well the only problem i have with it is. When i activate to show my own Debuffs on Nameplates, the Debuffs show only when i Focus a Target.

For you maybe easyer to understand:

I got a DeathKnight, i added to the Nameplates Whitelist these 2 Spells:

[SpellName(59921)] = true, -- Frost Feaver
[SpellName(59879)] = true, -- Blood Plague

they are working nice on the Target i Focus, but when i have this Debuffs on other Targets i dont get them on the Nameplates even when the Target has this 2 Debuffs on him. When i then focus to the Target i get to Show the Debuffs

Hope you understand me :P Sry for my bad english!

See you, and happy new year

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If you add AOE debuff and are using it. And do not you take a target in using this debuff. The icon will not appear until as long as you do not take it to target?
Do I understand correctly?
If I understood correctly - yes, unfortunately the way it should be. This debuff will appear only after taking a target/focus.

Try Tidy Plates, possible it can do it. Like you want.

P.S.: Sorry for the long answer.
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no the problem in this is, WoW doesnt give you a way to identify Nameplates to its owner until you focus. So its a restriction from WoW, none addon provides this imo.

There are hybird ways wich doesnt work correctly as i did understand, no dev did a complete solution so far.



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