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Old 07.12.2011, 14:32   #1
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Bug AtlasLoot Skin - Module "Extra"


i have en error in AtlasLoot Skin with Module "Extra"

Code [Select]:
1x ShestakUI_Extra-0.6.0\Modules\Skins\AtlasLoot-v6.05.01.lua:170: attempt to index local "f" (a nil value)
ShestakUI_Extra-0.6.0\Modules\Skins\AtlasLoot-v6.05.01.lua:170: in function <ShestakUI_Extra\Modules\Skins\AtlasLoot.lua:87>

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Shestak (07.12.2011)
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Old 07.12.2011, 19:37   #2
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Thank you. Today or tomorrow I'll fix it.

Posted in 4 hours 56 minute
Fixed in github, try it.
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F5Hellbound (12.12.2011)


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