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Old 05.12.2011, 14:37   #1
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Bug Error occurd when i click an item in my bag

Code [Select]:
Date: 2011-12-05 20:30:57
ID: 2
Error occured in: AddOn: ShestakUI
Count: 1
Message: Error: AddOn ShestakUI attempted to call a forbidden function (UNKNOWN()) from a tainted execution path.
   [C]: ?
   [C]: UseContainerItem()
   ..\FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:771: ContainerFrameItemButton_OnClick()
   [string "*:OnClick"]:12:
      [string "*:OnClick"]:1
  Swatter, v5.12.5198 (QuirkyKiwi)
  AddFriend, v3.27
  Auctionator, v3.0.0
  BankItems, v40300
  ButtonFacade, v4.2.375
  Calculator, v
  CameraDistanceMaxFactor, v1.0
  CameraPlus, v3.1
  CombatCam, v4.3.1
  CursorCastbar, v
  DBMCore, v
  DBMPartyCataclysm, v
  DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.312(/embedded)
  Elementarist, v2.0.6
  GTFO, v4.11.2
  GuideLines, v3.2.0
  ImprovedPvPFrame, v1.2
  kInstanceTimer, v0.3
  LFGForwarder, v2.20
  Masque, v4.2.375
  MasqueAbstract, vwow4.2.0-1.0
  myReputation, v40300 R.1 Beta1
  MySales, v1.3.0
  OPie, v
  Postal, v3.4.12
  Producer, v2.5.14-release
  ProducerEffect, v2.5.14-release
  ProducerPosition, v2.5.14-release
  Purist, v
  RandomMountContinued, v1.04.45
  RangeDisplay, vv3.9.8
  Reforgenator, v1.3.12
  SafeQueue, vv1.26
  ShestakUI, v3.3.2
  ShestakUIConfig, v3.3.2
  ShestakUIExtra, v0.5.0
  ShestakUIFilger, v3.3.2
  ShestakUIHeal, v3.3.2
  ShestakUIMedia, v0.0.2
  SimpleMouseCombat, v1.0
  SlideBar, v5.12.5198 (QuirkyKiwi)
  Stubby, v5.12.5198 (QuirkyKiwi)
  TidyPlates, v6.4.8.5 (R364)
  TidyPlatesGraphite, v
  TidyPlatesGrey, v
  TidyPlatesNeon, v
  TidyPlatesQuatre, v
  TidyPlatesHub, v
  TidyPlatesWidgets, v
  TradeForwarder, v2.20
  BlizRuntimeLib_zhTW v4.3.0.40300 <tw>
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Old 05.12.2011, 15:56   #2
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Download latest ShestakUI version from github.
Old 07.12.2011, 17:36   #3
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tat2dawn's Avatar
yup, all good in the updated version
Old 07.12.2011, 17:57   #4
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Before report a bug, please download and install the latest version of ShestakUI(from github). And then try to reproduce this bug again.


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