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Question [PTR 4.3] Missing additional MT frames in raid

7e4484f commit.
It appears that only one MT frame is displayed in a raidfinder based 25man raid (reproducable), in the heal frame configuration.

It appears the two tanks in a raidfinder raid are automatically set up as MTs and they both show up in Blizzard's own MT frames, but in Shestak only one tank shows.

Is this something that could be fixed by any chance or is it intentional? Cheers again.

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It's not a bug.
What would people appeared in the frames of the tank, you need to set tank. And not just choose his role. These are different things.

Posted in 2 minutes
To set tank you(or other) must be the raid leader or assist.
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Thanks Shestak.. figured as much i.e. could change it if given assist/RL.

I know a bit more now about the reason why one of the 2 raidfinder tanks shows up in the tank/MT frames automatically and the other one doesn't:

It seems one of the tanks is set up as MT automatically by Blizzard , and the other tank is set up automatically as Main Assist by Blizzard (has the sword icon in Blizzard default frames).

The MT shows in Shestak tank frames, the MA ofc doesn't.

So without MA frames to show (not sure oUF has that feature?), it's indeed down to manual adjustment via RL/RA as usual.

Thanks for clarification.
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Originally Posted by Ente View Post
not sure oUF has that feature?
No, no.
Player role != manual set tank.

A person who is not shown in the frame of the tank, you need to specify manual, that he tank. Get a target his and type "/mt"(if raid leader or assist).

Icons on the frames is only their role. A frame tanks, tanks that frame.

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