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Bug [PTR 4.3] Raid unit contect popup is missing 'vote to kick' option

Unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot, sorry . When I raided 25man via the new raidfinder yesterday using v 3.2.8 (on PTR, Dragon Soul), I noticed that the context menu for units is not complete in ShestakUI units.

Specifically, when you rightclick a raid member's unit frame (whether clicking the [heal] raid frame or having him in target and clicking the target), there is no 'vote to kick' option as there is in the Blizzard frames. Consequently, you cannot initiate kicks of offline people etc.

Guess that option needs adding for 4.3 . Thanks in advance.

P.S. If I notice more context options missing I will post again.. will raid with 7e4484f today.
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This line is present in the menu for PTR.


Posted in 7 minute
From default Blizz UnitPopupMenus I deleted only:

And yes, I added new line for PTR in github.
Shestak authored 1 day ago

Posted in 1 hour 10 minute
This is from today's raid:

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Thanks indeed. It works.

ptr 4.3

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