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Suggestions: Convert Raid & Ready Check


2 suggestions, not really important, just for the UI aesthetic:

1) Convert Party button
The button works very well in party and raid; my suggestion is just for the name of the button.
The button name is CONVERT_TO_PARTY: the name it's ok if you're in raid and want to convert the raid in a party, but if you're already in a party and want to convert the party to a raid the name button is still CONVERT_TO_PARTY
What about to add a CONVERT_TO_RAID name button?

2) Ready Check Icon
The ready check icons on raid frames are a bit covered by the role icons: I think it would be better if the icons are more visible, at least in my opinion


Keep up your great work!

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Originally Posted by Oz View Post
1) Convert Party button
Yes, I know about it, if it is free time, I'll see what can be done.

Originally Posted by Oz View Post
2) Ready Check Icon
In ShestakUI_DPS/Heal find:
lua Code [Select]:
self.ReadyCheck = self.Health:CreateTexture(nil, "OVERLAY")
self.ReadyCheck:Point("BOTTOMRIGHT", self.Health, 2, -1)
And change the size and/or position.
But this option will not be added in the public version.

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