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Post UI Help lacking the help info

Wasn't sure where to put this.

I noticed that the UI Help info only had the command and then 'Description is not available'. I got bored, and decided to copy most of the help info on the main page into the localization of English and here it is.

Code [Select]:
    "Available slash commands:",
    "/rl - Reload interface.",
    "/rc - Activates a ready check.",
    "/gm - Opens GM frame.",
    "/dis ADDON_NAME - Disable Addon.",
    "/en ADDON_NAME - Enable Addon.",
    "/rd - Disband party or raid.",
    "/toraid - Convert to party or raid.",
    "/teleport - Teleportation from random dungeon.",
    "/luaerror ON|OFF - Toggles display of lua errors.",
    "/spec, /ss - Switches between talent spec's.",
    "/clfix - Fixes the combat log.",
    "/heal - Switches to 'Heal' layout.",
    "/dps - Switches to 'DPS' layout.",
    "/frame - Description is not ready.",
    "/addons solo|party|raid|pvp|trade - You can change addons list in ending of file ShestakUI\Config\Settings.lua, block - 'Addons group'.",
    "/farmmode - Increase the size of the minimap.",
    "/moveui - Allows the movement of interface elements.",
    "/resetui - Resets general settings to default.",
    "/resetuf - Resets the unit frames to their default position.",
    "/resetconfig - Resets ShestakUI_Config settings.",
    "/resetstats - Resets the statistics of gold and time spent.",
    "/settings ADDON_NAME - Applies settings to msbt, dbm, skada, or all addons.",
    "/ls, /litestats - Help for LiteStats.",
    "/bags - Managing for bags.",
    "/xct - Manage the combat text.",
    "/raidcd - Raid cooldown test.",
    "/enemycd - Enemy cooldown test.",
    "/pulsecd - Self cooldown pulse test.",
    "/threat - Threat meter test.",
    "/tt - Whisper target.",
    "/ainv - Enables automatic invitation.",
    "/testuf - Unit frame test.",
    "/cfg - Opens interface settings.",
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Thank you very much. I added these changes to GitHub.
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I am not sure why you have /frame, when /framestack or /fs or /fstack works better unless it is for having something you can copy in the chat window?
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Originally Posted by Nalkrien View Post
you can copy in the chat
This. It's easier to copy than to remember the long name frame
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The only downside I saw of it is that it does the frame that is on top, not all the frames at the point of the mouse when you do it. The frame stack option lists all the frames at one spot, while the /frame lists the upper most frame.

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