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Old 30.08.2011, 09:01   #1
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Bug Skin Blizzard_Frames and Bagnon

I have a problem when I Skin "Blizzard Frames" turn on.
In the pockets I will not be displayed.
I use the addon "Bagnon"
Who can help?

Code [Select]:
312x Bagnon-4.2.7\components\item.lua:318: attempt to index a nil value
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\item.lua:318: in function "SetSlotColor"
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\item.lua:312: in function "UpdateSlotColor"
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\item.lua:277: in function "Update"
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\item.lua:212: in function <Bagnon\components\item.lua:211>
<in C code>
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\item.lua:35: in function <Bagnon\components\item.lua:25>
(tail call): ?
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\itemFrame.lua:249: in function "AddItemSlot"
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\itemFrame.lua:333: in function "ReloadAllItemSlots"
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\itemFrame.lua:190: in function "UpdateEverything"
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\itemFrame.lua:444: in function "SetFrameID"
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\itemFrame.lua:38: in function "New"
components\frame.lua:193: in function <Bagnon\components\frame.lua:189>
<in C code>
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\frame.lua:77: in function "action"
Bagnon-4.2.7\utility\ears.lua:29: in function "SendMessage"
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\frameSettings.lua:52: in function "SendMessage"
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\frameSettings.lua:70: in function "Show"
Bagnon-4.2.7\components\frameSettings.lua:90: in function "Toggle"
Bagnon-4.2.7\main.lua:139: in function "ToggleFrame"
Bagnon-4.2.7\main.lua:179: in function "ToggleBackpack"
<string>:"TOGGLEBACKPACK":1: in function <string>:"TOGGLEBACKPACK":1

self = ContainerFrame1Item1 {
 frameID = "inventory"
 border = <unnamed> {}
 count = 1
 0 = <userdata>
 hasItem = "|cffffffff|Hitem:6948:0:0:0:0:0:0:908802576:85:0|h[Ruhestein]|h|r"
 questBorder = ContainerFrame1Item1IconQuestTexture {}
 cooldown = ContainerFrame1Item1Cooldown {}
 SplitStack = <func> @FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:617
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Shestak (30.08.2011)
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Fixed in github
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F5Hellbound (30.08.2011)

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