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Post 臺服TW-ShestakUI 3.2.3 Problems experienced during modification

1.when portrait is enabled,this classbuff things is anchored to the portrait,i couldnt find where to change this:

2.when i try to move the names into the nameplate, it got covered by the health in the nameplate, when no target is selected, the names are not shown,only the bar,but when i have a target, the name is shown; and the percentage on the rightside of the nameplate, i want to change it from 113k-86% to only 86%, without the 113k-, just the number of the percent, coz on the left of the nameplate, it shows player level, on the rightside it should show only a number like on the left, and names into the plate, coz i have target cd monitor on top,target cast at bottom; so wat i'm trying to do is, on the nameplate, top=targetcd,bottom=targetcast,left=target level,right=hp%,and the names into the health in the plate. do i make sense?

any help is appreciated
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Originally Posted by tat2dawn View Post
i couldnt find where to change this:
ShestakUI_Filger\config.lua(find all)
lua Code [Select]:
setPoint = { "BOTTOMLEFT", C.unitframe.portrait_enable and "oUF_Target_PortraitOverlay" or "oUF_Target", "BOTTOMRIGHT", C.unitframe.portrait_enable and 3 or 9, C.unitframe.portrait_enable and 0 or -41 },

Originally Posted by tat2dawn View Post
113k-86% to only 86%, without the 113k-
ShestakUI\Modules\Blizzard\Nameplates.lua(597 line)
lua Code [Select]:
if C.nameplate.health_value == true then
    frame.hp.value:SetText(T.ShortValue(valueHealth).." - "..(string.format("%d%%", math.floor((valueHealth / maxHealth) * 100))))
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tat2dawn (01.08.2011)
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thanks a lot, bro,i'm lookin' into it

Posted in 22 hours 3 minutes
i got it, this is how i want it

thanks again
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