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Originally Posted by TolienBosheit View Post
Originally Posted by anj View Post

["bar1"] = {"BOTTOM", 0, 202},
["bar2"] = {"BOTTOM", 0, 174},
To flip the bars, you should be able to flip those values so it reads:
["bar1"] = {"BOTTOM", 0, 174},
["bar2"] = {"BOTTOM", 0, 202},

As per usual, you'll need to play with the values so they fit your screen's resolution.
Unfortunately that was for a much older ShestakUI. The current version only has:

["bottom_bars"] = {"BOTTOM", UIParent, "BOTTOM", 0, 8},

which moves all of the action bars and not the individual bars.

Posted in 4 hours 30 minute
Here's a quick solution to switch Bar1 and Bar2:

Bar1.lua line 68
button:Point("BOTTOMLEFT", Bar1Holder, 0, 28)

b:Point("BOTTOM", ActionButton1, "BOTTOM", 0, -29)

This assumes that you will ALWAYS have 2 bottom bars.
This WILL NOT WORK nicely with the bar toggle button so be careful
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