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Boss Frame


I'd like to know how I can move the boss frame's buff indicator.
I pulled the boss frames from right to left with /moveui, but the buff alignement stayed on the left (so basically off the screen).

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For boss frames in settings there - to show boss frames on the left or right. This option changes location of the boss frame, they appear to the left or right. Only in this case will buff changing its position on the boss frames.

If you changed the position with the command /moveui, the position buffs will not change. And this will not be able to add.

For you have two options:
1 - reset fixed position frame with command /resetconfig and change the option in settings of the boss frames.
2 - change position in ShestakUI\Modules\UnitFramesLayout.lua(~993 line)
Code [Select]:
if C.unitframe.boss_on_right == true then
	self.Auras:Point("RIGHT", self, "LEFT", -5, 0)
	self.Auras.initialAnchor = "RIGHT"
	self.Auras["growth-x"] = "LEFT"
	self.Auras:Point("LEFT", self, "RIGHT", 5, 0)
	self.Auras.initialAnchor = "LEFT"
	self.Auras["growth-x"] = "RIGHT"
Using the second way you do it every time you update the interface. By this I recommend to use the first method.
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Fid (16.05.2011)

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