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Old 03.05.2011, 17:58   #1
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Switching actionbar 1 with 2

Hi, just start using your UI since i getting pretty bored with Tukui, it's lovely....didn't find any UI until i saw this! Ty

Now to my problem:P

Can i switch my actionbars so i can have Actionbar NR1 on top and Actionbar NR 3 were actionbar NR1 is now? And btw can u move the unitframes? And how can i make my buffs/debuffs show in top right corner!

Really nice ui!
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Old 04.05.2011, 10:05   #2
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The positions of all the frames can be changed either by typing /moveui or file \Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Config\Positions.lua.

A repositioning of panels relative to each other, I think that is not the best idea.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.
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Shestak (18.06.2011)
Old 04.05.2011, 14:21   #3
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okey, thanks anyway for helping me moveing the unitframes!
Old 17.06.2011, 23:40   #4
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So, u can't by any chance make the mainbar switch with actionbar NR 2? so i have mainbar on top and actionbar 2 were mainbar is now?

Old 18.06.2011, 00:01   #5
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Without knowledge of lua can not be done.
To you I can only advise to use a different modification for action bars.

PS: In the future I do not plan to introduce this option.
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anj (18.06.2011)
Old 18.06.2011, 02:41   #6
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I tried switching ActionBar1 and 2 a long time ago but I think it’s not worth the effort after a while (because I need to redo it every update).

/moveui, as suggested, is a good, easy alternative. Moving both ActionBars up to where I want ActionBar1 to be, is already more than enough for me. Besides that, ActionBars are locked with the UnitFrames so it’s very convenient to move them as a set.

Good luck!
Old 18.06.2011, 11:34   #7
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winniethepoo's Avatar
Okey, really sucks that you would not implent it in the future!;( but really nice ui anyway!

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