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Profession Tracking

Hello, and first off let me say Shestak took my Addon folder from like 100 to 3 -- So kudos on that and a great UI.....However, I have a complaint and it may be simple, On your old versions you had a little square on the minimap you could click on to track Mines, Herbs, Low Level Quest givers etc.....However, Now I cant find it, and Ive moved my mouse everywhere in that little minimap square. Is there anyway I can re-enable that feature? Aside from that, everything else works great.

Appreciate the Help

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Please read carefully the list of changes here.
Now this button has only one position - always visible (enabled in config).
Or you can press the middle mouse button on the minimap that would enter into this menu.
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Hell yea! -- Got it, Everything looks effin gorgeous too in 2560 x 1440 -- Great work man

Hijinx - Doomhammer

minimap, professions, rightclick

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