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Question How to add a spell in Filger?

How to add a spell in Filger for dummies

What is Filger??? It's icons in the center of the screen,

If you need add a spell in Filger spell list you should:
  1. Ask yourself: "I rly need it?"
  2. Open file ShestakUI/Config/Filters/FilgerSpells.lua (see note)
  3. Decide on the type of spell:
    1. Self buff on player (P_BUFF_ICON)
    2. Self proc from enchant/talent/accesories and other (P_PROC_ICON)
    3. Self de/buff on target (T_DEBUFF_ICON)
    4. Self HoT/DoT on target (T_DE/BUFF_BAR)
    5. Self cc on focus (PVE/PVP_CC)
    6. Self cooldown and ICD (COOLDOWN)
    7. Self buff from items/potions or mass buff (like Bloodlast) (SPECIAL_P_BUFF_ICON)
    8. Enemy cc and immobilise effect on player (PVE/PVP_DEBUFF)
    9. Important defence buffs on target or important cc on target (from all) (T_BUFF)
  4. If the spell is in the 1 - 6 list item u'll:
    1. Find your class section in the file
    2. Find section what appropriate with the spell type (it is listed in parentheses, like P_BUFF_ICON)
  5. If the spell is in the 7 - 9 list item u'll:
    1. Find ALL section in the file.
    2. Find section what appropriate with the spell type (it is listed in parentheses, like PVE/PVP_DEBUFF)
  6. Make sure that the spell does not in the list
  7. Check the spellID you want to add. You can do it by:
    1. Enable Spell id in the this interface tooltip options, then get the spell in game and watch his id in the tooltip.
    2. Find spell on the wowhead, id is the numbers in the address line after "spell=".
  8. Add the necessary spell in list in line with other spells of this group, as well as a description of the Annex 1.
  9. ...
  10. PROFIT!
Annex 1:
Analysis of the contents of one cell with a spell

Annex 2:

Note: To facilitate the above listed actions are recommended to open lua files using the free text editor Notepad++ (

Translated with using of google translate, corrections accepted.

Note the helpful responses in this thread!

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MoLLIa (26.03.2011), Shestak (22.03.2011), Wetxius (22.12.2018)
Old 18.10.2012, 13:03 ▲    #31
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Originally Posted by Shestak View Post
Nope. This spell different for spec, but for one spec - one spell. No need for absid I think.
Originally Posted by Oz View Post
(if you're specced Blood, then it costs 1 Blood Rune, for a Frost DK it costs 1 Frost rune and so on) and the spellIDs are different, based on this.
If name the same, spell ID doesn't matter. Just try it with git commit.

Добавлено через 2 минуты
lua Code [Select]:
-- Wild Charge
            {spellID = 102401, filter = "CD"},
Druid's spells, also have different ID for forms, but the same name, so we can track all of it.
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Oz (18.10.2012), Shestak (18.10.2012)
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Old 18.10.2012, 15:04   #32
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Okay, it works!

I'm sorry but when I wrote the post I could not test

Thank you very much!
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Wetxius (18.10.2012)
Old 22.10.2012, 04:38   #33
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Monk Filger

Not really sure where to post a suggestion, but in the next release could you add 3 spells to the Monk filger so I don't have to every release?

Elusive Brew - Spellid 128939
Mana Tea - Spellid 115867
Tigereye Brew - Spellid 125195

These are the stacking buffs you get prior to using the ability, so I don't have to watch the buff frame or the ability on my action bars. This would be greatly appreciated.

Old 22.10.2012, 07:56   #34
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If I add this passive buffs, so icons will show always, with last 2 min,
infinitely updating. It's not good way to track stacking buff.
And it shown on action bar, why it's not useful?
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Shestak (22.10.2012)
Old 25.10.2012, 04:52   #35
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H Feng the Accursed - Shadowburn

Can you add

Code [Select]:
SpellName(131792),	-- Shadowburn

Code [Select]:
-- Feng the Accursed
SpellName(131788),	-- Lightning Lash
SpellName(116942),	-- Flaming Spear
SpellName(131790),	-- Arcane Shock
SpellName(116784),	-- Wildfire Spark
SpellName(116417),	-- Arcane Resonance
SpellName(131792),	-- Shadowburn
in file ShestakUI/Config/Filters/RaisAuraWatch.lua as Shadowburn is his heroic ability
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Shestak (25.10.2012)
Old 25.10.2012, 09:39   #36
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I added this spell a week ago. You must download version from github, there are always latest.
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Shestak (25.10.2012)
Old 19.11.2012, 16:11   #37
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Question about filger, how to add item's cooldown

i mean potions like potion of the Jade Serpent
Old 19.11.2012, 16:20   #38
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Добавлено через 6 минут
lua Code [Select]:
{spellID = 105702, filter = "ICD", trigger = "BUFF", duration = 60},
Old 17.02.2013, 19:24   #39
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May I suggest to add in Filger two DK spells?

lua Code [Select]:
-- Blood Charge
            {spellID = 114851, unitID = "player", caster = "player", filter = "BUFF"},


lua Code [Select]:
-- Shadow Infusion
            {spellID = 91342, unitID = "pet", caster = "player", filter = "BUFF"},

Thank you.
Old 17.02.2013, 19:45   #40
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These spells wasn't added, because shows on action bar. And Shadow Infusion have visual display.

dummies, filger, spell

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