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Regarding the part/raid unit frames on the left

When I logged on today and did a quick BH the raid's unit frames on the left hand side of the screen looked like the original Blizzard frames. It had their portrait and health/mana bar to the left, and it only showed 4 people. It did not have all 10 raid members health bars cleanly stacked on the left showing their health according to color.

Is there an option I unchecked that did this somewhere ? I cannot seem to find it
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? Any help ?

My fellow raid members health frames USED TO BE displayed on the left hand side like in this video

Now it either does not show them at all, or it shows the old school portrait with the picture and Green Health and Blue Mana bar as opposed to it being color coordinated and crisp..
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Have you enabled the raid frames in Shestak config?
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ShestakUI_DPS - raidframes left
ShestakUI_Heal - raidframes center

enable one of them

when one of them enabled - blizz frames are hidden
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