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about the size of the buff information

Hi, Shestak! May I thank for this good addon you provided.

And I have a problem to ask: when the user get or lose a buff or debuff there's text displays on the top of the player such as: +XXXX, -YYYY.

Can you direct me how to change its size? I did not find that in your in-game option menu.

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World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\config\
Code [Select]:
	-- Combat text font
	["combat_text_font"] = "Interface\\AddOns\\ShestakUI\\media\\pixel.ttf",
	["combat_text_font_size"] = 20,
	["combat_text_font_style"] = "OUTLINE",
	["combat_text_font_shadow"] = false,
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Shestak (18.01.2011)
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Thanks you Sitatunga, but your post is not the right code.

I found the correct code in user_config.lua:

Code [Select]:
	SettingsCF["font"].combat_text_font = "Fonts\\bLEI00D.ttf"
	SettingsCF["font"].combat_text_font_size = 26
	SettingsCF["font"].combat_text_font_style = ""
	SettingsCF["font"].combat_text_font_shadow = true

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