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Quest Watcher

I recently formatted and reinstalled wow and shetakui.
I ran 2.9 before the format and am now running the latest 2.9.5 i think.
Ive noticed that now when i enter combat my quest watch info disappeares.
Is this normal? Is there an option so it always stays on even in combat? I cannot find the option in the conig.
Ive tried a fresh install thinking this was a bug but it seems to be part of the design.
If not is there a link to the 2.9 download?

Thanks again.
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Hi, I have the exact same problem. Been trying to look through the config files, but I can't seem to find the correct code to edit.

Can someone please elaborate?

Also, if someone would point out where I change the unitframes healthformat. For me as a shadowpriest % health would be really nice to see on the targerts unitframe.

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There's no switch in config. This is the feature, because little amount of people are watching map during combat. Mby this reduce lag or smth else.

If you what to change this, delete in ShestakUI\scripts\map.lua ~ 19 this two strings.

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P.S. I think Shestak will give you a better advice.
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Shestak (09.01.2011)
Old 08.01.2011, 15:08   #4
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Thank you will try it out.

I find it handy to have the objectives shown at all times.. when you are looking for objectives, or are on your way to a new objective or whatever.. its annoying when the objective goes away just becouse you pulled some agro

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