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Hey there!

Still loving the UI, and I just thought I'd help out and explain a few things that occurred to me while using the UI, of which I have confirmed are because of the UI.

I wasn't able to find the exact cause, but since 4.0.3a, with Skada, Shestak modules, DXE, and the Shestak Damage module enabled, the quest counter sometimes reverts and drops around 100 quests or so in the achievement pane. It's just a visual error, and shows the incorrect amount of quests completed.

I have tested this with Skada and DXE disabled as well; it still occurs.

I also noticed that the quest cursor on the minimap (again, with no modified settings to Shestak, this time with no extra add ons enabled) sometimes "sticks" and will point to an arbitrary location, and won't refresh until the map is pulled up. It returns to normal when the map is pulled up.

And finally, there is an issue with the UI causing the Blizzard UI settings to revert some settings, even when properly logged out and saved. This may have something to do with a disconnect, but the settings should not change, as they've already been saved. Specifically, the Floating Damage Numbers (The Blizzard Default ones that are modified by xCT in "ESC > Interface > Floating Combat Text".)

- Damage
- Periodic Damage
- Pet Damage
- Healing

Those settings are turned off by default, though I normally turn them on. (I turned them off for the other tests since I tested it with out-of-the-box settings.

I hope this was enough information, and I hope that you have the time and patience to fix these. These may even just be a result of Blizzard messing around with their LUA settings, but I don't know enough about it for 4.0.3a to make a good hypothesis about it.

Anyway, I still love your UI, and I thank you so much for keeping it so up-to-date, especially with the amount of content that is in this UI pack. I plan on donating after the Christmas holidays when I have some spare money.

Let me know if you need screenshots or any more information!

For an awesome UI. I wish it was standard.
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