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Question Mount script

Hello Shestak and all the other skilled and active ppl on these forums.

In ShestakUI 2.9 there is in ShestakUI\modules a mount lua.

As I am very old and not very keen on Lua I wonder what it is and how I activate it?

I can't find any information about it here on the English part of the forums and not on the portal side either.

I would appreciate any help.
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Originally Posted by Halvralf View Post
I can't find any information about it here on the English
What is it you can not find it?

If you open this file and you open it, since we are talking about it. Then you might have noticed a comment at the beginning of the file:
-- Universal Mount macro(by Monolit)
-- /script Mountz ("your_ground_mount","your_flying_mount","your_underwater_mount")
-- or /script Mountz("your_ground_mount","your_flying_mount")

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