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Old 15.11.2010, 18:09   #1
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Cargbags bank tab problem


I have decided to use cargbags again (since im unable to lock the window of the new bag addon, and when i missclick in it with right mouse button,it jumps all the time to a different position + i cant find the key ring on it,maybe my bad) ,and when i reinstalled cargbags skinned version from the site, my inventory works fine, but the bank tab looks awful. cant use it properly coz its doubled,shows carg+the new one too. please give me some advice,how to fix this.


Thanks for the help!

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Old 16.11.2010, 05:09   #2
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I have the same thing too can we get some help here?
Old 16.11.2010, 07:35   #3
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near line 180 in Interface/AddOns/ShestakUI/config/config.lua
SettingsCF["bag"] = {
["enable"] = false, -- Enable bags
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Rheya (16.11.2010), Shestak (16.11.2010)
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Thank you, its working

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