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Old 26.10.2010, 16:38 ▼    #1
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Question Some questions

Info This thread is for your questions about technical issues and some other questions.

Alert First you must to read FAQ!!!

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Shestak (26.10.2010)
Old 11.11.2012, 19:21 ▲    #31
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I shrunk my Shestak raid frame but was unable to shrink the font on the raid frames separately from other unit frame fonts. So I decided to just disable Shestak raid frame and use Blizzard default raid frame - but - after disabling ShestakUI raid frame the Blizzard default raid frame doesn't show.

How to re-enable default Blizzard Raid frame?
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Disable "ShestakUI_DPS" and "ShestakUI_Heal"
in the character selection screen after login.

- rkw -
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Shestak (12.11.2012)
Old 11.08.2013, 21:10   #33
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Resently I've downloadet and set up the Shestack UI, but somehow i can't figure out to find the gold in the bags.
Can this be re-enabled ?
Old 12.08.2013, 08:57   #34
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Originally Posted by Shestak View Post
1 - If you have additional AddOns loaded, turn them off and try to reproduce the same error.
2 - Close "client WoW" and delete from the folder WTF all the files ShestakUI.lua, ShestakUI.lua.bak, ShestakUI_Config.lua and ShestakUI_Config.lua.bak.
3 - Run "client WoW" and try to reproduce the same error again.
If you changed file DataText.lua or LiteStats.lua, restore it to defaults.
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Shestak (12.08.2013)
Old 28.09.2013, 20:15   #35
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A few questions

Hey, I've just downloaded the latest version of shestak from WowInterface and it looks great, however there are a few issues that I've been having.
  1. Top left are Raid Cooldowns, quests, and 25 man party frames are overlapping.
  2. Tanks frames overlapping with threat meter
  3. The tanks frames are not displaying debuffs. I have to actually click the other players frame to see his debuffs.
  4. The Action button that you receive in some fights is in a weird spot. Wanted to move it.

I was curious as to how I could rectify these problems?

Other than that... great addon. I am contemplating donating.

Old 28.09.2013, 20:41   #36
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Originally Posted by Blurgy View Post
Hey, I've just downloaded the latest version of shestak from WowInterface and it looks great, however there are a few issues that I've been having.
1 - /moveui
2 - /moveui
3 - /moveui
4 - /moveui
Old 28.09.2013, 20:44   #37
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3. I think, that you need to learn all settings.
4. Extra button, maybe? Shift-click around border and move.
Old 29.09.2013, 21:34   #38
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During raids dispellable debuffs aren't appearing on the raid frames. How do you fix this?
Old 09.02.2014, 07:08   #39
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ShestakUI 4.5.6

This is my first ever use of a UI since I Just started playing WOW and I love it, let me say awesome job. But I have a question is there a way I can move where my character portrait sits?I really don't like it right there in the middle of m screen. Thanks in advanced.
Old 08.01.2015, 02:49   #40
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Dunno if I am right here, but I'm searching for a possibility to show the actual absorb (PW:S, Mastery: Illuminated Healing, Living Seed) on my raidframes.
Are there any options? Or is there a possibiltiy to implement this via some .lua lines?

Thank you in advance

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