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Question Problems since 4.0

Hey all,

First wanted to say that I absolutely love the UI you have put together here Shestak. I've been using it for a few months and am hard-pressed to find stuff I would like to see changed.

Since 4.0 came and shook up the WoW world I have been having issues with the UI, however.

1. When I log in to a character I'm getting around 120+ LUA errors. after clearing them, I can play just fine and only encounter 5-10.

2. I can't figure out how to enable my raid or party unit frames. I"d like to have them similar to the pre-4.0 style, but would settle for any at this point.

3. Name plates for mobs show up, but sometime only for one mob, or none and fall off at times. Not sure what is causing the issue with this one.

4. When I get a debuff on my character frame, such as the deserter debuff for jumping out of a random, it will duplicate and lay another copy of the same debuff on top of it, slightly off-centered.

5. In the mail box, the options for "Take All" and "Take Cash" are coming up with the overlay similar to the debuff issue I described.

These may all be simple fixes of just adjusting which addons are enabled. I've tried searching through the files notes and haven't found anything that is helping.

Maybe I'm just oblivious to something right in front of me. Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Deseo, US-Icecrown(A)
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Clear install please.

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