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[solved]Mailbox GUI

Hello, first off I just want to say this UI is amazing. With that being said I have looked through the addon and then through the LUA's in a attempt to find what is creating the GUI one sees when opening the mailbox (Ie. [Open] [Gold]). Yet still after a couple of hours of searching through I cannot seem to locate the addon that is creating this GUI. The reason for my inquiry on finding this "rogue" addon is that I use Quick Auctions 3 addon which has a auto mail feature that I just cant live with out and the buttons are overlapping and not canceling each other out. So I was just wondering if anyone can point me into the correct direction of this addon as I would like to merge the Quick Auction and this addons GUI and functionality together.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section I felt its not a support question, rather a general one. Due to the fact it has really nothing to do with the mod having problems is more my eyes and brain have the problem at this point.

So I decided to make this post and start editing the LUA of quick auctions 3 to temp remove its open all function so I don't have over lapping buttons and see if anyone can help me out with locating the mail GUI embedded within Shestak UI while I'm editing.
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kristinna (30.09.2010), Shestak (01.10.2010)
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In 2.6 i add in mail.lua:
if (IsAddOnLoaded("QuickAuctions") or IsAddOnLoaded("OpenAll")) then return end

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