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Question VER2.5 Questions about party and raid(关于小队和团队的一些问题)

为了让这个插件能更好的适合国服客户端,In order for UI can be better suited to Chinese clients,
我做了一些简单的修改,I made some simple modifications,
但关于团队和小队的部分没有修改,可是却出现了一些问题!About raid and party,not change, but some problems have emerged
当我在小队中,如果我没有目标,小队显示是正常的,可是当我有目标时,小队头像部分却消失了!In party,if i have no target,party is normal,but if have a target,party disappeared!
当我在团队中,如果我没有目标,团队显示如图:In raid,if i have no target,as shown:
可是当我有目标时,团队是正常的,如图:But,if i have a target,raid is normal,as shown:
If i use OUF 1.3+,how can i change these codes
Code [Select]:
local party = oUF:SpawnHeader("oUF_PartyDPS", nil, "custom [@raid6,exists] hide;show",
	"showSolo", db.solo_mode,
	"showPlayer", db.player_in_party, 
	"showParty", true,
	"showRaid", true,	
	"yOffset", 28,
	"point", "BOTTOM",
	"template", "oUF_PartyV"

Ver 2.5
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This problem I have solved,see:

Chese wowers can join the QQ Group 81336047!
Thank you all!

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