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Old 09.09.2010, 16:39   #1
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About the chat and LitePanels

i want to set the something of chat and LitePanels today,and Ongoing now。

I have a question:how to do that chat windows Automatically match the Different resolutions?

What do you suggest for me, shestak?

picture show

this's Correct
Click image for larger version

Name:	true.jpg
Views:	55
Size:	83.0 KB
ID:	198

this's wrong,I adjusted the resolution
Click image for larger version

Name:	false.jpg
Views:	44
Size:	24.8 KB
ID:	199

i have set the width of bottom blackbar is a Percent value,he will auto match and i want to set the bottom blackbar is chat width parent。but i don't know how to write the code。 i'll how to edit the idchat addons ?

(the exprss so hard for my bad eglish. but i think it's better than you to google translation)
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Old 10.09.2010, 00:49   #2
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In 2.5 for LitePanels layout:
Code [Select]:
-- Bottom panel
{   name = "LeftBlackBar", 
    anchor_to = "BOTTOMLEFT", x_off = 20, y_off = 20,
    width = 3, height = SettingsCF["chat"].height - 1,
    bg_color = "0 0 0", bg_alpha = 1,
And in aSettings\config.lua:
Code [Select]:
SettingsCF["chat"] = {
    ["height"] = 112,
Do it in the same suit.
Old 10.09.2010, 01:54   #3
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before i do,when i adjusted the resolution behind They overlap that the bottomLEFTblackbar and actionbottombar ,so i want to set the chat window can Automatically match the Different resolutions。

this‘s my set before
Code [Select]:
{   name = "ChatFrame1Bottom", parent = "ChatFrame1",
    anchor_to = "BOTTOM", x_off = -1, y_off = -23,
	strata = "BACKGROUND", level = 3,
    width = "100%", height = 20,
    bg_color = "0 0 0", bg_alpha = 1,
and chat setting : width = 112

this's overlap picture(This is my adjust result after that the resolution from 1680 to 1024 )
Click image for larger version

Name:	overlap.jpg
Views:	34
Size:	61.8 KB
ID:	205

adjusted the resolution for 1024*768 behind, i want the resolution it's Minimum limit (i set the chatbottomblackbar is a Percent value and Normal operation,but chat width can not, the some Stats also can't auto match,so.........,Should I give up this program? Do you have other ideas?)
Click image for larger version

Name:	adjuset.jpg
Views:	29
Size:	51.1 KB
ID:	206
Old 10.09.2010, 02:33   #4
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Small screen resolution on a small piece. It will not fit all.
On your screenshot shows that when a small screen resolution not fit not only the panel, but the text of statistics.

Solution one - to determine the range of screen resolutions on the two options. high-resolution and low-resolution. And then set the condition, if high resolution, the length of such a panel, if a small screen resolution, the length of the panel so much.

Example options determine the screen resolution can be found at the beginning of the file aSettings\scripts\functions.lua and launch.lua in 2.5+

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But generally, I do not advise to adapt an interface for screen resolutions less than 1280 pixels horizontally. As you run into a number of restrictions due to the small square.

Добавлено через 1 минуту
The minimum and reasonable resolution of the horizontal screen just 1280 pixels. Anything less - not worth the forces on it.
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nanjiqq (10.09.2010)
Old 10.09.2010, 02:41   #5
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OK,i'll to try, i never to read the scripts of 2.5,but i like the function. can be achieved of the scripts at the 3.2 version?
( The zhTW is 3.35version and i use your 2.5beta ui, Feel more and Choose)
Old 10.09.2010, 02:49   #6
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this's 1280*1024

Click image for larger version

Name:	1280-1024.jpg
Views:	30
Size:	86.2 KB
ID:	207

What do you think the result?

this's 1680,the space is i need
Click image for larger version

Name:	1680.jpg
Views:	36
Size:	97.0 KB
ID:	208

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