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Old 08.09.2010, 20:05   #1
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Front Page and 2.5 Beta

Question 1: IS it just me or the front page of website is gone, no screenshots no description?

Question 2: Where can I download to try Shestak 2.5 beta?

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Shestak (08.09.2010)
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Old 08.09.2010, 22:35   #2
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1 - Thank you. Fixed.
2 - Shestak UI Forums > ShestakUI Forums > Beta Community > ShestakUI 2.5.Beta Files

Old 13.09.2010, 06:25   #3
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I am not seeing the beta community thread link.
Old 13.09.2010, 06:46   #4
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So it should be.
Old 13.09.2010, 07:24   #5
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This is what I see when I view the front page:
Old 13.09.2010, 16:55   #6
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I also can not watch this directory, please help me thank you
Old 16.09.2010, 12:55   #7
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i have the same problem. i was already able to see the Beta community. But now i can't. Is there a possibility to fix this problem?
Old 16.09.2010, 13:11   #8
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Originally Posted by Vienchen View Post
this problem?
This is not a problem. I specifically made public access to Beta forum. Now, I closed it because there is no need for it.
Today or tomorrow we will release 2.5.

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