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lol it was so easy
Thanks for the help It's a great UIthere man ! keep it going
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Why isnt there a more customizable approach to this, rather than going into the code and edit it? Not everyone knows lua and knows what they are looking for in order to customize fonts, resize etc... All I read here is an alien language which i do not understand.............
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font, size, and shadow for:
-- Stats font
-- Combat text font
-- Chat font
-- Chat tabs font
-- Action bars font
-- Threat meter font
-- Raid cooldowns font
-- Cooldowns timer font
-- Loot font
-- Nameplates font
-- Unit frames font
-- Auras font
-- Filger font
-- Stylization font
-- Bags font
Knowledge of LUA are not needed.
I am not forcing anyone to use ShestakUI, do not like it, do not use.

config, font, pixel, skurri, type

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