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How perfect modify their Chinese fonts

How perfect modify their Chinese fonts?
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Originally Posted by lnkdszm View Post
What do you mean?
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张贴在 34 秒
Avatar name, fighting fonts into your favorite Chinese fonts
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Originally Posted by Shestak View Post
What do you mean?
He would like to change the fonts .

-- 生命條、經驗條上顯示的英文和數位 ARIALN.TTF
-- 任務說明和書信、石碑的正文字體 bLEI00D.TTF
-- 戰鬥傷害數值提示 bKAI00M.TTF
-- 遊戲介面中的主要字體 bLEI00D.TTF
-- 物品、技能的說明字體 bHEI00M.TTF
-- 聊天字體 bHEI01B.TTF

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