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Hey Shestak

First of all Gz for your UI pack i love it i have 3 little problem i hope u can help me
1-The normal UI scale its a 35% if i put it on low it change to low but after relog it change back at 35% can u tell me what do i need to fix this little problem hate evrey time i relog to rechange the UI scale
2-How can i change the Front size at chat when u enter game its a 11 if u change it, it will change but when u enter dungeon or relog or HS it will go back to 11
3-can u tell me how can i change the colour of the cast bar from green to black
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Originally Posted by auryon View Post
The normal UI scale its a 35%
Normal for a screen resolution? Everyone is different.

1 - Read faq and use search for ui scale.
2 - Read faq.
3 - Castbar is not green, is classcolor. In next version i add option for switch castbar color from classcolor to "own color".

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