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Old 14.10.2020, 16:11 ▼    #1
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Post ShestakUI 8.2.7 for 9.1

ShestakUI 8.2.7

Date: 16.07.2021
UI Version: 8.2.7
WoW Version: 9.1
Change Log: link
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 01.04.2021, 17:13 ▲    #21
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8.1.8 ===> 8.1.9
  • [Locales] Updated Chinese and Taiwan.
  • Try to fix Soulbind bags error.
  • Fixed TalkingHead when load BigWigs.
  • Cleanup Nameplates and added color for Spiteful Shade affix.
  • Don't show profit output.
  • [Skins] Fixed DBM skin. Auto position to unitframe is broken.
  • [GUI] Added new options "Explosive and Spiteful affix color" and "Show incoming damage and healing".
  • AuctionFrame => AuctionHouseFrame
  • Check dynamic raid position when leave combat.
  • SL - proper poison reminder for rogue (#539)
  • Updated OpenItems.
  • Reduce prio for myth+ debuffs.
  • [Skins] Added skin for garrison ships.
  • [GUI] Added new nameplate option "Show red border when low health".
  • [GUI] Added new options for nameplates "Show quest icon" and "Show color border for casting important spells".
  • [AutoButton] Added "Aqueous Material Accumulator".
  • [CombatText] Added "Gluttonous Spike (Trinket)".
  • [LiteStats] Added new clientTags.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Old 30.04.2021, 10:53   #22
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8.1.9 ===> 8.2.0
  • [Skins] Added New Player Experience Guide skin.
  • [Skins] Prevent moving close button in PlayerChoice.
  • [Skins] Fixed ArtBackdrop in ChromieTime.
  • [Nameplates] Added two casts in Plaguefall.
  • [Locales] Updated Chinese and Taiwan.
  • [CombatText] Added spells for Warlock (#540)
  • [GUI] Added new type of quest collapse "Partially". Usefull for Torghast and 5ppl dungeon.
  • Fixed frame stack command.
  • Fixed PlayerChoice skin for Garrison.
  • [RaidAuraWatch] Added "Ricocheting Blade" debuff.
  • [ActionBars] Updated Range module.
  • [ButtonCollect] Try to fix WIM3MinimapButton texture.
  • [Skins] Added skin for Krowi_AchievementFilter tab.
  • [Layout] Added check for raidframe height for auto position.
  • [Nameplates] Show absorb.
  • [Nameplates] Added new option "Change color for important mobs in dungeons".
  • [GUI] Resort Announcements options.
  • [GUI] Hide group loot options.
  • [Nameplates] Added new option "Change cast color if interrupt on cd".
  • [EnemyCD] Updated spells. For apply need to manually reset GUI category.
  • Small improvement in Rematch skin.
  • [GUI] Added CTRL-click to reset list for raid and enemy cooldowns. Updated custom list with new changes.
  • [LiteStats] Used more accurate coordinate value.
  • WowheadLink] Protect link from changes.
  • Added Trueshot (#541)
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 16.05.2021, 10:05   #23
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8.2.0 ===> 8.2.1
  • Updated PvP debuffs for Filger, Raid and Arena frames.
  • Cast Cooking Fire with macro and check if Chef's Hat don't usable.
  • Attempt to fix MainMenuBar taint.
  • [Filger] Added new racial abilities.
  • Added more PvP debuffs.
  • [GUI] Resort raid debuff section.
  • [ActionBars] Fixed wrong gap with some button size.
  • [GUI] Increase allow size for some elements.
  • [MiniMapButtons] Prevent changing raid layout if it same.
  • [AuraTracker] Fixed spells with no timer.
  • [Filger] Added "Avenging Wrath" to PvP buffs. Added "Darkness" to raid buffs. Create focus CC group for Paladin.
  • Added check for "Cell" and "Aptechka" to disable our raid frames.
  • [AutoResurrect] Don't run for Demon Hunters.
  • Fixed /testuf stacking.
  • [Announcements] Added "Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator".
  • [RaidCD] Added "Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator".
  • [Skins] Added Subscription skin.
  • [RaidAuraWatch] Added "Bestow Faith" for Paladin.
  • [Locales] Updated Chinese and Taiwan.
  • [ActionBars] Try to fix ExtraActionButton1 taint.
  • [Skins] Don't run PlayerChoice skin while in combat. Need rewrite to avoid show/hide.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (17.05.2021)
Old 21.05.2021, 09:23   #24
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8.2.1 ===> 8.2.2
  • [Skins] Fixed PlayerChoice skin taint in combat.
  • [Chat] Fix for some obscure error
  • Revert "[ActionBars] Try to fix ExtraActionButton1 taint."
  • [oUF] Add check for Casting/Channeling in Fader module.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (21.05.2021)
Old 16.07.2021, 16:51   #25
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8.2.6 ===> 8.2.7
  • Protect MultiItemRef in combat.
  • Added skin for Maw Buff Widget, change position, allow to move and added option to hide it.
  • Added new season affix debuffs.
  • Restore partial collapse quest.
  • Replace Game13Font.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (19.07.2021)


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