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Old 14.10.2020, 16:11 ▼    #1
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Post ShestakUI 8.2.8 for 9.1

ShestakUI 8.2.8

Date: 04.08.2021
UI Version: 8.2.8
WoW Version: 9.1
Change Log: link
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 18.11.2020, 16:00 ▲    #11
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8.0.8 ===> 8.0.9
  • Added new option "Show only name for friendly units".
  • Show class name when enabled colorblindMode.
  • Prevent error for BuildGuildTable().
  • Fixed spell id for Immolation Aura and Shadow Covenant.
  • Shadowland fixes
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Added new option "Color of health background".
  • Fixed Dominos skin.
  • Added text coords for /moveui.
  • Checking if exists to prevent error
  • FIxed PvP skin.
  • Fixed Bubbles skin.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 18.11.2020, 16:00   #1.5 - Disable Ads

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Old 23.11.2020, 17:25   #12
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8.0.9 ===> 8.1.0
  • Removed Dark Void.
  • Another way to skin quest buttons.
  • Fixed Gossip skin.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Increased nameplates max size for high resolution
  • Prevent error in combat for StanceAnchor.
  • Added new role icons for raid frames.
  • Added mouse wheel support for slider options.
  • We can't change nameplateMaxDistance so remove option for it.
  • Fixed SkinWorldQuestCompleteAlert.
  • Fixed comparison skin error.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 25.11.2020, 09:29   #13
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8.1.0 ===> 8.1.1
  • Fixed VoidStorage skin.
  • Fixed keybinding style for ExtraActionButton1.
  • Dynamic position for Zone ability button depend of shown Extra button.
  • Added skin for compaign progress bar.
  • Rework skin for quest group finder button.
  • Made garrison icon smaller.
  • Added new portal to Oribos for mage.
  • Attemt to fix portrait.PortraitRing error.
  • Show quest progress text when enabled hide error messages in combat.
  • Removed old debuffs.
  • Added one more check for portrait.Level.
  • Added new raid debuffs.
  • Removed outdated abilities.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 29.11.2020, 09:57   #14
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8.1.1 ===> 8.1.2
  • Fixed CharsCurrency SetQuestLogCurrency function.
  • Changed step for threat rows.
  • Added skin for Optional Reagent.
  • Tweak PvP talents size.
  • Added skin for Player Choice frame.
  • Increse size for expert mode and add overlay backdrop for better reading.
  • Rework option for nameplate buffs: now shows dispellable enemy buffs and buffs from the list. Added spell list to adding nameplate debuffs and buffs inside options.
  • Hide StanceAnchor if forms == 0.
  • Added new font options for some Blizzard fonts.
  • Fix for HybridMinimap
  • Kill dungeonArt for dungeon alert frame.
  • [Quests] Fixed skin for progress and timer bars. Attempt to fix position Torghast buffs.
  • [GUI] Allow slider wheel only with modifer.
  • [Skins] Removed GMSurvey and GuildFinder.
  • [GUI] Added font preview. Fixed selected font/texture in dropdown when enabled LibSharedMedia.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • [Core] Rework T.Round function to avoid shown "-0".
  • [Unitframes] Disable Azerite bar code.
  • [LiteStats] Disable Seals info tooltip.
  • [Filger] Removed "Ashjra'kamas" and "Gift of the Titans" buffs.
  • [Skins] Chromie Time skin.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 06.12.2020, 09:21   #15
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8.1.2 ===> 8.1.3
  • [Tooltip] Added skin for QuestScrollFrame.CampaignTooltip.
  • [Nameplates] Added support widgets.
  • [Reminder] Show paladin aura icon only in instances.
  • [Skins] Fixed color swatch buttons in chat config.
  • [Announce] Added Oribos portal.
  • [Automation] Added "Veiled Satchel of Cooperatio" to open.
  • [Reminders] Added new flasks.
  • [Filger] Added Alter Time
  • [GUI] Moving lists initialization to solve unexpected error when ShestakUI_Config is disabled
  • [Filger] Removed "Between the Eyes" debuff.
  • [Skins] Increase height for QuestNPCModelTextFrame.
  • [Bags] Attempt to fix open Blizzard bag for Soulbinds.
  • [UIWidget] Added skin for currency icon.
  • [Skins] Tweak PlayerChoice for Torghast.
  • [Quests] Added skin for Torghast buffs.
  • [Quests] Fixed campaign header height and added color by covenant.
  • [Filger] Added Rune of Power, Winter's Chill
  • [Skins] Added Covenant Preview skin.
  • [Quests] Added color for covenant header on 60 lvl.
  • [Skins] Adjusted PlayerChoice skin.
  • [Skins] Covenant Renown skin.
  • [AutoOpens] Added "Tribute of the Ascended".
  • [Bags] Rework OpenAllBagsMatchingContext.
  • [Skins] Added Covenant Sanctum skin.
  • [Quests] Added skin for covenant calling header.
  • [Skins] Added Soulbinds skin.
  • [Skins] Fixed error for Garrison skin.
  • [Skins] Added Runeforge Power alert skin.
  • [OpenItems] Added "Tribute of the Court".
  • [Map] Added exception for GarrisonLandingPageReport.
  • [Skins] Added skin for new EncounterIcon in AlertFrames.
  • [Skins] Don't hide Background for Torghast choice.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 15.12.2020, 10:25   #16
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8.1.3 ===> 8.1.4
  • [LiteStats] Removed azerite support.
  • [OpenItems] Added "Tribute of the Paragon".
  • [LiteStats] Added new currency.
  • [Skins] Torghast Level Picker skin.
  • [Skins] Adjusted QuestModelScene skin.
  • [Skins] Added Covenant Mission skin.
  • Details] Fixed title skin when it load hidden.
  • [GUI] Better description for covenant icon.
  • [Skins] Added skin for AutoSpell buttons in Garrison skin.
  • [CombatText] Phoenix's flame spellid update. (#528)
  • [OpenItems] Added "Bounty of the Grove Wardens".
  • [Quest] Added check to highlight only choice items.
  • [Skins] Adjust CovenantMissionFrame skin.
  • [Skins] Added Anima Diversion skin.
  • [AutoButton] Added "Korinna's Allaying Crook".
  • [ButtonCollect] Use PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD to solve problem with VuhDo button.
  • [MiniMap] Change size for GhostFrameContentsFrameIcon.
  • [Skins] Added skin CovenantMissionFrame.MissionComplete buttons.
  • [GUI] Added new settings for action bars "Allow to move and change each panel individually".
  • [PulseCD] Attemt to fix double icon after use trinket.
  • [Map] Updated FogOfWar data.
  • [Skins] CovenantMissionFrame.MissionTab.MissionPage.CostFrame skin for icon and text.
  • [GUI] Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • [Filger] Right place for "Heating Up" proc. (#529)
  • [Skins] Added Weekly Rewards skin.
  • [Skins] Added AdventuresFollowerPortraitFrame skin.
  • [Nameplates] Hide health bar for player controlled units with widget.
  • [Skins] Removed Warboard skin, replaced with PlayerChoice.
  • [Skins] Nameplate widget base skin.
  • [Skins] Replace widget skin for PlayerChoice.
  • Change strata for ToggleMenu cause it overlap Bags.
  • [Skins] Hide EquipmentFlyoutFrame.NavigationFrame.BottomBackground.
  • [Skins] Added skin for EncounterJournal.LootJournal.PowersFrame.
  • [Skins] Hide FlightMapFramePortrait.
  • [Skins] Fixed CovenantMissionFrame.MapTab.
  • [GUI] Fixed font size check.
  • [GUI] Added texture preview after select.
  • [GUI] Added new editbox for "Chat blacklist words".
  • [Profiles] Updated my settings.
  • [Bags] Rework itemlevel function.
  • [SlotItemLevel] Added color for missing enchants. Rework itemlevel function for Flyout frame.
  • [Bags] Hide empty buttons when searching.
  • [Profiles] Resort and update for me.
  • [OpenItems] Added "Tribute of the Ambitious".
  • [Skins] Added skin for CovenantRenown rewards.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 27.12.2020, 14:44   #17
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8.1.4 ===> 8.1.5
  • [Minimap] Added weekly reward in menu.
  • [Skins] Tweak PvP skin.
  • [Skins] Hide rune background for ChallengesFrame.WeeklyInfo.
  • [OpenItems] Added "Tribute of the Wild Hunt" and "Cleansing Rite Materials".
  • [Skins] Changed selected texture for Torghast level.
  • [Minimap] Change text of encounter journal for ruRU.
  • [Bags] Added texture for conduit items.
  • [PulseCD] Better fix for trinket buff cd.
  • [Filger] Added support totem icons.
  • [Filger] Added spells for Balance Druid.
  • [Filger] Added Rune of Power totem duration.
  • [AutoButton] Added "Wingpierce Javelin".
  • [Chat] Added Swith channels by Tab.
  • [OpenItems] Added "Tribute of the Duty-Bound".
  • [Skins] Added skin for KayrCovenantMissions.
  • [Skins] Added Runeforge skin.
  • [RaidAuraWatch] Updated raid debuffs.
  • [Skins] Updated Garrison skin.
  • [Skins] Updated QuestLog skin.
  • [Scale] Experimental scale adjusted for high reso.
  • [Bags] Aded new option "Show animation for new items".
  • [SlotItemLevel] Check enchant for main weapon.
  • [LiteStats] Added Torghast info in clock.
  • [LiteStats] Use Blizzard waypoint when shift click on zone text.
  • [Raidframes] Added new option "Vertical party frames".
  • [Profiles] Updated my settings.
  • Removed Artifact Power code.
  • [Skins] Added new skin for Auctionator.
  • [FIlger] Added buffs from Potion of the Hidden Spirit, Potion of the Psychopomp's Speed and Drums of Deathly Ferocity.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 20.01.2021, 08:53   #18
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8.1.5 ===> 8.1.6
  • Adding Water/Earth Shield Reminder for RSham
  • Enable EnemyCD color class border
  • [AutoButton] Added "Soulforged Core".
  • [Skins] Avoid double frames for AlertFrames.
  • [Skins] Added skin for weakly rewards icons.
  • [Tooltip] Added skin for TomTom.
  • Fixed FlaskAndFood checks.
  • [Chat] Added skin for BNToastFrame.CloseButton.
  • Updated Diminishing list.
  • [RaidAuraWatch] Added "Stigma of Pride".
  • [Reminders] Added "Eternal Flask (Cauldron)".
  • [Skins] Change BigWigs API.
  • [Skins] FIxed scrollbar skin for EncounterJournal.
  • [Skins] Adjusted skin for PremadeGroupsFilterDialog.
  • [Tooltip] Fixed skin for RaiderIO.
  • Another way to skin groupFinderButton.
  • Added skin for ScenarioStageBlock.
  • [EnemyCD] Fixed pet abilities.
  • [CombatText] Added spells for DK and Hunter
  • [OpenItems] Added "Favor of the Court".
  • [RaidAuraWatch] Added "Frozen Binds".
  • [oUF] Updated Auras.
  • [Nameplates] Added "Barbed Shot" debuff.
  • [Filger] Fixed absID check.
  • [ActionBars] FIxed position for ExtraBar and VehicleExit when enabled split bar. Change size for ExtraBar depend of action bar.
  • [Announcements] Added new feast, cauldron and codex.
  • [Locales] Updated Chinese and Taiwan.
  • [Nameplates] Added "Sanguine Ichor" buff.
  • [OpenItems] Added new Cache.
  • [Skins] Fixed BigWigs skin.
  • [RaidAuraWatch] Added "Wicked Gash" debuff.
  • [UnitFrames] Added support heal absorb - red color texture.
  • [UnitFrames] Improved dynamic position for raid frames.
  • [GUI] Added new option "Size of player and target castbar".
  • [RaidAuraWatch] Added new dungeon debuffs.
  • [WorldMap] Rework menu of close button, now in tracking button.
  • Fixed StanceAnchor mouseover after login.
  • [RaidAuraWatch] Added "Corrosive Gunk".
  • Hide some Blizzard options, that don't work for our UI.
  • [Movers] Don't show "_" for Filger's anchor.
  • [Nameplates] Hide "Wild Imp".
  • [Skins] Fixed size for CovenantMissionFrameFollowersListScrollFrameScrollBar.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 22.02.2021, 12:43   #19
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8.1.6 ===> 8.1.7
  • Update Filger filter for fire mage. (#537)
  • [Skins] Updated Ace3 skin.
  • [Skins] Changed text color in PlayerChoice.
  • [oUF] Added check PARTY_MEMBER_ENABLE and PARTY_MEMBER_DISABLE as attemt to fix disconnected players.
  • [ComboPoints] Added support Echoing Reprimand.
  • [ActionBar] Allow set number right bars when enabled split bars.
  • [Tooltip] Added skin for AceConfigDialogTooltip and BigWigsOptionsTooltip.
  • [Chat] Change width for QuickJoinToastButton.
  • [CombatText] Merge all damage from vehicle.
  • [CombatText] Fixed last commit. Now merge all pet and vehicle ability.
  • [Diminishing] Absolute Zero is stun.
  • [CombatText] Added spells for DK, DH and Warrior (#538)
  • [Filger] Added new PvP spells.
  • [Nameplates] Fixed aura font size.
  • [Nameplates] Tweak threat function.
  • [CombatText] Better way to merge pet and guardin spell damage.
  • Fixed name for Stonard teleport.
  • [Skins] Fixed CommunitiesSettingsDialog error.
  • [CombatText] Added Entropic Embrace. Cleanup.
  • Updated Licenses.
  • Updated Cooldowns list.
  • [AutoButton] Added "Pulsing Animacone".
  • [RaidCD] Change color for Primal Rage {Hunter's pet].
  • [UnitRole] Show leader text.
  • [OneClickDisenchanting] Added new ores and herbs.
  • [TellTarget] Allow whisper self player.
  • [Nameplates] Change font for friendly units inside instances.
  • [Chat] Added new option "Show role icons".
  • [CombatText] Added "Paralytic Poison (Covenant Night Fae)".
  • [Skins] Fixed error when load TSM and Auctionator.
  • [RaidAuraWatch] Show only self Power Word: Shield, Weakened Soul, Earth Shield.
  • [Quests] Added WorldQuestsList button skin.
  • [Diminishing] Updated list.
  • [Chat] Added new option "Chat history".
  • Fixed TellTarget command.
  • [Quests] Added red range overlay for quest items.
  • [RaidAuraWatch] Hide Agony and Rupture on ruRU client.
  • [Filger] Added "Mind Bomb" and "Scatter Shot".
  • [Filger] Check Pulverize by spell id.
  • [Skins] Added skin for AuctionatorTradeSkillSearch.
  • [Skin] Added skin for rewards in PlayerChoice.
  • [Filger] Added "Prideful" and "Turn Evil" debuffs.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (04.03.2021)
Old 10.03.2021, 12:22   #20
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8.1.7 ===> 8.1.8
  • [ActionBars] Fixed cooldown flash for editor mode.
  • [Announcements] Added new fishing poles.
  • UnregisterAllEvents for penanceTicks checks.
  • [Skins] Hide QuestFrameProgressPanelMaterial.
  • [GUI] Added new options for raidframes "Show target frames" and "Show pet frames".
  • [Skin] Fixed LFGListSearchPanelScrollFrameScrollChild.StartGroupButton.
  • [GUI] Added new option "Disable Pixel font". It replace font settings to use normal font.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (12.03.2021)


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