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Old 27.07.2010, 00:11   #1
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Post idChat lua error

Hi !

As I said in another topic, i'm now hunting errors for you ; )

So here is the first and I'll continue to report each time I see a red number on the minimap ; )

The install :
Clean new 2.3.0 with skada and DXE (with modified files by shestak)

Pic :

Realm :
Official EU -La Croisade écarlate [FR]

Hope it'll be helpfull =D
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Old 27.07.2010, 00:50   #2
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More details about when this error. What were you doing, what frames you open or close, and so on.

I have this error never happened.

Old 27.07.2010, 09:45   #3
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I was not doing anything special ^^'
It was the faction champion boss.
I was dispelling and healing but I am using mouseover macro (maybe the problem?!)
Old 27.07.2010, 13:57   #4
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No, i use mouseover macro too.

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