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Old 05.12.2019, 11:34   #11
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7.2.0 ===> 7.2.1
  • Discord:
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Added "Rare Metal Collector" to AutoButton.
  • Reworked UIWidget skin, fixed CaptureBar skin.
  • Reworked AltCurrencyFrameItem skin.
  • Added color border for PvE reward.
  • Added color border for PvP reward.
  • Fixed color for Demon Hunter in tooltip.
  • Added "*" for friends another faction.
  • Replace texture for DoubleStatusBar.
  • Added some new items to open.
  • Added Taint workarounds with UIDropDownMenu.
  • Adjusted background for SideDressUpFrame.
  • SendWho() now protected.
  • Removed duplicate Auctionator_Search.
  • Don't delete unusable spells for ClickCast, just change alpha to prevent errors.
  • Added skin for QuestMapFrame.QuestSessionManagement.
  • Fixed tooltip for weather.
  • Added skin for LibDBIconTooltip.
  • Fixed MinimapButtons skin for TomTom.
  • Added "Sack of Plunder" for OpenItems.
  • Added "Hunting Knife" for AutoButton.
  • Rework button for SafariHat. Now in pet journal frame.
  • Added "Glimmer of Light" buff.
  • Don't leak global.
  • Added "Fathom Hook" for AutoButton.
  • Rework SetRole to less spam.
  • Rework BuffOnScroll to avoid global vars.
  • Updated CopyChat's check for protect message.
  • Updated PulseCD. Fix spell reset.
  • Added check for skin Overachiever_Tabs.
  • Added "Plug the Geysers" for AutoButton.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Old 25.12.2019, 07:44   #12
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Wetxius's Avatar
7.2.1 ===> 7.2.2
  • Discord:
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Fixed OpacityFrame skin.
  • Tweak BattlefieldMapFrame.
  • SetCVar for nameplates only on login.
  • Fixed debuffs position when active Stagger.
  • Fixed texture for BonusRoll.
  • Fixed count for AutoButton.
  • Crop texture for BONUS_OBJECTIVE_REWARD.
  • Added "Food & Drink" track.
  • Added "Drums of the Mountain".
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.


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