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Old 03.07.2019, 16:56   #1
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Post ShestakUI 7.2.2 for 8.2.5

ShestakUI 7.2.2

Date: 25.12.2019
UI Version: 7.2.2
WoW Version: 8.2.5
Change Log: link
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Shestak (03.07.2019)
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Old 03.07.2019, 16:56   #2
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7.1.1 ===> 7.1.2
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Added Guild Control Button
  • WorldState -> PvPMatch
  • Various skinning tweaks for 8.2.0
  • oUF update for 8.2 Nameplates
  • Added fix for FrameStackTooltip.
  • Add Prismatic Manapearl to currencies
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (03.07.2019)
Old 03.07.2019, 16:57   #3
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7.1.2 ===> 7.1.3
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Add Prismatic Manapearl to currencies
  • Add BG and border into StripTextures
  • Updated FrameStackGlobalizer
  • Added skin for PVPMatchResults.buttonContainer.requeueButton.
  • Fixed fps drop cause by ClickCast.
  • Fixed Rematch skin.
  • Added new flasks.
  • Fixed resurrection sound.
  • Fixed action bar taint.
  • Updated Diminishing.
  • Updated FogOfWar.
  • Remove all auto collectgarbage(). Calling this function just cause freeze, memory free not increase performance.
  • Updated Battleground datatext for new API.
  • Updated guild functions to new API.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (03.07.2019)
Old 14.07.2019, 07:01   #4
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7.1.3 ===> 7.1.4
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Fixed memory leak by C_Map.GetPlayerMapPosition.
  • Fixed SlotItemLevel.
  • Changed position for MultiItemRef and fixed skin.
  • Updated WorldMap mouseover coordinate code.
  • Rename to PVPMatch.
  • Fixed coords error in instance.
  • Fixed ItemSocketing skin.
  • Fixed border color when un|equipped items.
  • Updated Diminishing.
  • Set fstack_preferParentKeys and removed FrameStackGlobalizer.
  • Use local function for gradient.
  • Added new raid debuffs.
  • Increased size for WarboardQuestChoiceFrame backdrop.
  • Start AzeriteEssenceUI skin.
  • Always set fstack_preferParentKeys.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (15.07.2019)
Old 14.08.2019, 14:39   #5
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7.1.4 ===> 7.1.5
  • Discord:
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Restack items by itemlink not by name.
  • Use short and more clear descriptions for font options.
  • Added new UIWidget skin.
  • Fixed error when reset positions for AltPowerBar.
  • Allow change position for UIWidget by shift-click and reset by ctrl-click.
  • Added skin for LFGInvitePopupRoleButtons.
  • Fixed OneClickEnchantScroll after 8.2.
  • Updated MoveBlizzFrames.
  • Properly update layout when un|equip bag.
  • Resort currency_misc.
  • Fixed error when move ObjectiveTrackerFrame.
  • Added description for actionbar_toggle_mode.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Fixed SetPoint for UIWidgetBelowMinimapContainerFrame.
  • Added skin for PaperDollItemsFrame.HelpTipBox.
  • Try another way for vehicle action button fix.
  • Added skin for RewardFrames icon.
  • Fixed error in combat for HeirloomsJournal skin.
  • Set FogOfWar and Coords enable by default.
  • Remove Force quit cause this function is protected.
  • Enable Totem bar for all classes.
  • Added skin for QuestNPCModelNameTooltipFrame.
  • Added skin for FriendsFrameFriendsScrollFrameButton.
  • Fixed config size for some resolution.
  • Properly update cooldowns for Filger.
  • Changed sort quality for "Dalaran Hearthstone".
  • Added "Blade of Wrath" proc and resort some paladin spells.
  • Fixed color for quest with waypointText.
  • Updated IsItemUnusable check.
  • Updated T.level constant after PLAYER_LEVEL_UP.
  • Changed tooltip position for ScenarioStageBlock.
  • Better way to hide portrait for OrderHallTalentFrame.
  • Fixed friends show.
  • Added StripTextures for LFDRoleCheckPopup.
  • Added skin for CancelButton in LFGListSearch.
  • Fixed map position when shows MacroFrame.
  • Fixed CinematicFrameCloseDialog skin.
  • Fixed CPoints error with some quest.
  • Fixed error on new characters.
  • Changed points for ProgressBar in WardrobeCollectionFrame.
  • Fixed fps drop caused by using UpdateAddOnMemoryUsage. Merge fps and memory datatext. Now shows memory on mouseover by fps datatext.
  • Updated anchors for UIWidget.
  • Fixed Quest level and show only if it different from player's level.
  • Fixed borders for GarrisonLandingPage.Report.
  • Tweak Quest level.
  • Fixed ctrl-right click to abandon quest.
  • Fixed MovieFrame.CloseDialog skin.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (14.08.2019)
Old 23.08.2019, 12:14   #6
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7.1.5 ===> 7.1.6
  • Discord:
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Added skin for ScenarioStageBlock.
  • Fixed title for spell reward quest.
  • Added skin for Timer bar.
  • Updated OneClickDisenchanting to fix prospecting and milling.
  • Added check for frame.RewardFrames to prevent error.
  • Updated tab skin for Garrison.
  • Added skin for currency icons in BonusRoll.
  • Added skin for groupFinderButton in ObjectiveTracker.
  • Added skin for follower portrait.
  • Tweak MountJournal.BottomLeftInset.SlotButton.
  • Don't show white border for tooltip reward.
  • Updated BlackMarket skin.
  • Fixed RolePollPopup skin.
  • SetWordWrap for Follower.Name.
  • Updated Archaeology to show new races.
  • Changed moveui logic to avoid SetAllPoints error.
  • Don't change text color for solve button.
  • Hide SafariHat after battle ending.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 08.09.2019, 11:16   #7
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7.1.6 ===> 7.1.7
  • Discord:
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Added skin for followerReward.PortraitFrame.
  • Disable bindings when change spec and spell not existing.
  • Added info for /moveui Ctrl + Right-Click to reset position.
  • Don't set width for text dropdown, it looks worse for some cases.
  • Fixed AchievementFrameFilterDropDown when use "Overachiever".
  • Fixed sell junk items over 12 items.
  • Added skin for OrderHallMissionFrameMissions.CombatAllyUI.InProgress.PortraitFrame.
  • Added skin for QuestInfoPlayerTitleFrame.
  • Added new option "Faster auto looting". Disabled by default.
  • Reworked ChatBubbles skin.
  • Fixed SpellBookSkillLineTab skin.
  • Added check to prevent new CreateBackdrop.
  • Adjusted backdrop size for WarCampaignHeader
  • Finished AzeriteEssence skin.
  • More check to not show white border for Garrison skin.
  • Added skin for Warboard status bar.
  • Added skin for Islands.
  • Added new options "Auto height for health/power depending on font size", "Hide health value (only for heal layout)".
  • Updated locales.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 28.09.2019, 14:45   #8
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7.1.7 ===> 7.1.8
  • Discord:
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Fixed StanceButton for Dominos and prevent error when change buttons number for bar.
  • Added new options to set size for raid frames.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Improved performance for ActionBars.
  • Improved performance for BuffFrame.
  • Added extra info for CPU usage in LiteStats.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Improved performance for Filger.
  • RegisterEvent("UNIT_AURA") after leaving raid instance.
  • Fixed potential taint.
  • Fixed swing timer for ranged weapon.
  • Reduced size for Bubbles.
  • Don't try call global variable
  • Updated Experience.
  • Updated Reputation.
  • ToggleWorldStateScoreFrame => TogglePVPScoreboardOrResults.
  • Don't leak globals.
  • Add options to adjust nameplate alpha
  • Add font replacements for the koKR client
  • Move ShestakUI config button in koKR clients
  • Fixed scale for Bar5 with high manual scale.
  • Don't overlap FlyoutArrow by our borders.
  • Added color name quality for pet team card.
  • Use CustomFilter to filter non-player auras instead of hide it. Should resolve graphical bug.
  • Old way to skin Capping not worked, fixed it.
  • Fixed error related to classNamePlateMechanicFrame.
  • Fixes for 8.2.5.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Fixed weapon border skin.
  • Fixed WhoList color.
  • Fixed AutoInvite.
  • Fixed Friends LiteStats.
  • Added skin for new GuildFinderFrame.
  • Fixed TempEnchant duration.
  • Adjusted unit name.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 06.10.2019, 06:21   #9
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7.1.8 ===> 7.1.9
  • Discord:
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Fixed model skin.
  • Fixed UnDress button work
  • Removed NeedItems.
  • Fixed LFGInvitePopupRoleButton skin.
  • Fixed Merchant skin.
  • Added Trailing Embers for mage AOE spam filter
  • Fixed Filger icon when duration is 0.
  • Fixed Flyout buttons when open it from SpellBook.
  • Adjusted UIWidget position.
  • Adjusted name's width in RaidHeal.
  • Added AlliedRaces skin.
  • Fixed QuestModelScene skin.
  • Fixed suggestion.icon in EncounterJournal skin.
  • Adjusted StageBlock.backdrop.
  • Stop mail correctly.
  • Added skin for new tip mechanic.
  • Allow set more accurate manual scale.
  • Added our icon for castbar if it return nil.
  • Fixed SideDressUpFrame skin.
  • Fixed SolveArtifact.
  • Try to fix spec datatext position at high resolution.
  • Try another way to stop buff alpha.
  • Skin AddonList checkbutton. It work now.
  • Show only player debuffs on boss frames.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 30.10.2019, 18:31   #10
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7.1.9 ===> 7.2.0
  • Discord:
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Adjusted AlertFrames borders.
  • Added test command for BonusRollFrame.
  • Don't color vehicle unit and change health output.
  • Hide HolyPower in vehicle.
  • Updated CastBar.
  • Fixed highlight texture for azerite neck.
  • Some improvements in Garrison skin.
  • Changed way how spec text anchoring to resolve scale problem.
  • Fixed "Pawn" icon for quest items.
  • Added quality color for quest items. Some adjustments for skins.
  • Fixed ArtifactFrame skin.
  • Better way to hide CloseButton.Border.
  • Added "Retribution Aura" to aoe spam.
  • Hide ArtworkBorderDisabled.
  • Make visible item.HotKey like it did by Blizzard.
  • Hide HolyPower when entering world in vehicle.
  • Change item.HotKey for WORLD_QUEST_TRACKER_MODULE also.
  • Fixed AzeriteRespec skin.
  • Added skin for LFGDungeonReadyDialogRewardsFrameReward.
  • Changed Game12Font.
  • Fixed Battleground datatext.
  • Added "Empyrean Power (Azerite Traits)".
  • Change color for widgetFrame.Spell.Text.
  • Color white item with our border color.
  • Added gradient color for AltPowerBar.
  • Fixed Mounts macro for Vashj'ir.
  • Added grey backdrop for tooltip bar.
  • Optimized tooltip compare position function.
  • Hide StanceBarFrame when disable our stance bar.
  • Fixed overlay for disabled button.
  • Hide QuestScrollFrame.DetailFrame.BottomDetail.
  • Fixed CloseButton position for Warboard.
  • Returned back color for ItemSocketing.
  • Adjustment for AzeriteEssence.
  • Some tweak for Collections skin.
  • Better way to fix GameTooltipMoneyFrame font size.
  • Added styles for some new fonts and removed duplicate GameTooltipTextSmall.
  • Added SetCVar("nameplateLargeTopInset").
  • Prevent error when undress mount.
  • Removed CaptureBar. Move UIWidget skin in position file. Some changes for UIWidget skin.
  • Don't sell grey item without price.
  • Added skin for Blizzard_WarfrontsPartyPoseUI and finished Blizzard_IslandsPartyPoseUI.
  • GameTooltip_OnTooltipAddMoney => SetTooltipMoney.
  • Dynamic change overlay for QuestModel.
  • Added tooltip for TrainAll button.
  • Added RecruitAFriendFrame skin.
  • Fixed invite for player.
  • Added count of quests for WorldMap.
  • Hide textures for ItemUpgradeFrame.TextFrame.
  • Added skin for invite and decline buttons in LFGListFrame.ApplicationViewer.
  • Tweak Taxi skin.
  • Replace SendWho => C_FriendList.SendWho.
  • Prevent error for PlayerTalentFrame_UpdateSpecFrame.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Sw2rT1 (30.10.2019)


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