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Old 16.09.2018, 15:03   #1
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Bug Auto-Collapse Objective Tracker

"Auto-collapse objective tracker" hasn't been working since the expansion started.

ObjectiveTracker.lua lines 166-175
Code [Select]:
--	Auto collapse ObjectiveTrackerFrame
if C.automation.auto_collapse_reload then
	local collapse = CreateFrame("Frame")
	collapse:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event)
cc: Wetxius
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Shestak (17.09.2018)
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Old 04.11.2018, 07:09   #2
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I try test this.
It work only when disabled
["auto_collapse"] = false, -- Auto collapse ObjectiveTrackerFrame in instance

Добавлено через 31 минуту
Should be fixed.
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Lanseb (17.02.2019), Shestak (07.11.2018)


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