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Old 19.09.2017, 08:32   #1
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Bug xpBar

Версия ShestakUI:

Версия клиента WoW:

Код ошибки:
ShestakUI\Libs\oUF\Modules\Experience.lua:23 строка
GameTooltip:AddLine(string.format(L_STATS_CURRENT_XP..": %d / %d (%d%% - %d/%d)", cur, max, cur / max * 100, bar - (bar * (max - cur) / max), bar))
Ссылка ошибки уходит на переменную local bar = 20
Code [Select]:
5x ...ShestakUI\Libs\oUF\Modules\Experience.lua:23: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'bar' (a nil value)
...ShestakUI\Libs\oUF\Modules\Experience.lua:23: in function <...ShestakUI\Libs\oUF\Modules\Experience.lua:14>
(*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1
(*temporary) = "Опыт: %d / %d (%d%% - %d/%d)"
(*temporary) = 555830
(*temporary) = 657000
(*temporary) = 84.601217656012
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = 101170
(*temporary) = "attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'bar' (a nil value)"
GetXP = <function> defined
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Old 20.09.2017, 18:40   #2
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Most likely due to reputation not supporting paragon faction, and is triggered by showing reputation for a faction with bonus as experience. Temp fix before updating oUF Reputation is to just add a check if exalted.

Don't have time atm to work on this.

Edit: Thought it was Reputation, that i know needs update for Paragon rewards. Im not able to remake this error.
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Shestak (21.09.2017)
Old 21.09.2017, 10:18   #3
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I think, that need updates from main addon
Old 26.09.2017, 10:14   #4
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Обновил модули oUF опыта и репутации.
Удалил модуль Friendship, его возможности внедрены в модуль репутации.
Модуль опыта на максимальном уровне теперь показывает честь.
Поддерживается клик по полосе репутации, открывается оное окошко.
Нужно проверить корректную работу.
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flameflower (28.09.2017), Shestak (28.09.2017), Sw2rT1 (27.09.2017), Tryllemann (26.09.2017)

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