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Weird screen freezes during combat

1 - ShestakUI version 6.1.6
2 - Wow version: 7.3
3 - Completely fresh install of Shestak, no changes made. Healing Layout.

This is an odd thing I've noticed that seems to have gotten much worse in 7.3. Unfortunately I have literally no idea what could be causing it. When playing on my Fury Warrior, any time I use Rampage or raging blow (although it happens with other abilities, just less so), I end up dropping frames. In a raid environment this can freeze my screen for up to half a second before returning to normal. I notice it as well on prot with thunderclap. My monk doesn't seem to have any issues that are noticeable. With default UI (or even another UI pack like Elv UI) there is no frames drop or screen freezes at all.

Any idea what I can do to fix this? I'm at a loss and I love Shestak, I don't want to give it up for something else.
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Check this
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Shestak (15.09.2017)
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This fixed it, thank you so much! :D

fury, screen freezing, warrior

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