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Old 24.07.2016, 09:04   #1
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Bug DBM skinning

Excuse me for my poor english.
when I use shestak's DBM skinning I can't move DBM's timing bar.
When I move it ,after a few minutes it will be return to initial position .
Can you solve it for me? thank you !
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i've got same problem maybe a year ago, the thing is that dbm skinning by shestakui is done for rly rly rly old version of it and it needs update (mainly because most of 'options' in .lua file are no longer in dbm and so on), it just manually sets (\ShestakUI\Modules\Skins\DBM.lua) all positions for bars, so you have to change it by yourself (e.g. )
Code [Select]:
 l. 338: DBT_AllPersistentOptions["Default"]["DBM"].TimerX = 143
Old 31.07.2016, 22:46   #3
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The dbm.lua file holds 2 parts.
Part 1 - Setting up the looks (border, texture, fonts and so on)
Part 2 - Setting up positions for all the bars, warnings and so on.

The dbm skin is updated for current version always.
It's simply that all settings defined from addon, and everytime the addon triggers based on event, it will add settings back.

Maybe create a /move frame to ancher to instead of uof_player frame.

Posted in 119 hours 27 minute
Looked into this some.
Should add a option do turn off auto positions, and let users use the move function inside DBM.
Can throw inn a position into
lua Code [Select]:
function T.UploadDBM()
that doesn't crash with portrait
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Shestak (29.07.2016), Wetxius (27.07.2016)
Old 01.08.2016, 09:23   #4
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It should not auto change DBM setings with this check
Maybe this line not work.

Добавлено через 1 час 32 минуты
Seems that I find solution. http://pastebin.com/QbtLRY8w
Reanchored bars when enable/disable portrait or enable/disable right icon.
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Why not just add a C.unitframe.movable_dbm or C.skins.dbm_movable, and set default to false. And add it to bar.ApplyPosition = function()

lua Code [Select]:
bar.ApplyPosition = function()
                        if C.unitframe.enable ~= true then return end
                        if C.skins.dbm_movable == true then return end
                        if C.unitframe.portrait_enable == true then
                            if bar.owner.options.IconRight then
                                self.mainAnchor:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", "oUF_Player", "BOTTOMLEFT", -(138 + C.unitframe.portrait_width), -69)
                                self.mainAnchor:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", "oUF_Player", "BOTTOMLEFT", -(110 + C.unitframe.portrait_width), -69)
                            if bar.owner.options.IconRight then
                                self.mainAnchor:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", "oUF_Player", "BOTTOMLEFT", -131, -69)
                                self.mainAnchor:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", "oUF_Player", "BOTTOMLEFT", -103, -69)
This way players can toggle it easier.
When ever turned on it will be movable, or move to last user placed position.
When turned off, it's anchored as normal.
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Wetxius (01.08.2016)
Old 01.08.2016, 11:26   #6
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Added https://github.com/Shestak/ShestakUI...ff9011ddba6d84.
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Shestak (02.08.2016), Tryllemann (01.08.2016)
Old 13.08.2016, 17:44   #7
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Question DBM Skinning Bug/Broken ?

Today i was in HFC and the DBM Timer Bars was not correct.

pls check this ....

see pic

.... I'm so sorry it is my mistake ....

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