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Old 10.08.2015, 03:50   #1
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Bug Font Overlapping on TradeSkill Trainer Frame

ShestakUI version:5.10

WoW version: 6.2

Installed and running addons: Only ShestakUI.

Screenshot(if that matters for error):

As you can see, the text "Everything" severely overlaps the size of the button frame. Is it possible to either change the word to "All" or use ... to keep the text in the frame?

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Old 11.08.2015, 15:23   #2
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Seconded. Thought it might have been your font (since it's not default), but turns out that no:

Old 11.08.2015, 18:23   #3
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Fixed: https://github.com/Shestak/ShestakUI...d633df9983de78
Old 11.08.2015, 18:56   #4
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No. In ruRU locale - http://i.imgur.com/zZ2MgaJ.jpg

Добавлено через 21 минуту
Try this https://github.com/Shestak/ShestakUI...00d779694066ec
Says Thank:
Lanseb (11.08.2015), Tryllemann (11.08.2015)
Old 22.08.2015, 00:40   #5
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Wonderful, thank you for the quick fix.

Posted in 237 hours 48 minute

Got a couple of small nagging overlap issues still, for those of us running larger fonts. Can you make some tweaks to the frames? I am far sighted so I need to play with a slightly larger UI and font size.


Thanks in advance!

Posted in 1 minute
Oh, in case it isn't obvious...

In the first image, the text for "basic battlegrounds" and "specific battlegrounds" overruns the size of the box.

In the second image, the text on the right falls outside of the frame.
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Originally Posted by Krudd View Post
Can you make some tweaks to the frames?
No. Because:
Originally Posted by Krudd View Post
larger fonts

overlapping text

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